From the beaches of Guadeloupe to the heart of Paris to the bright lights of the Big Apple, I always saw my life through lenses.

Growing up in the belly of Paris, films fascinated me. I completed my Masters Degree in TV & languages at the Sorbonne University and Smith College in Massachusetts and moved to Manhattan to follow my dream of becoming a filmmaker. 

I began my career as a producer at BBDO New York, one of the world’s leading advertising agencies where I produced commercials for clients such as Pepsi Cola, Frito-Lay, Visa, Campbell’s, Bayer, Pizza Hut, Gillette and FedEx.  I have fun producing because I use both my creative and business skills.

As an artist, I still didn’t feel complete. I yearned to express my own ideas, and the issues that concern me.  Directing opened up a new dimension to my work. I shape the message, control the content & master the look. I made my directorial debut when a French record label hired me to direct a series of music videos for its top recording artists.  Now I have completed more than 50 music videos and worked with some of most prominent French, African, Caribbean, and Celtic musicians and vocalists.

The creative force of documentaries seduces me.   My first piece “Knowledge is Power” was commissioned by the New York City Health Department to raise HIV/AIDS awareness. In 2002 “Sweet Mickey for President” won best documentary at the Reel Sister Film Festival in New York. I was completely hooked. I kept creating images and putting my ideas on the screen. I was on top of the world when my short film “Rendezvous” was nominated for the Djibril Diop Mambety Award in partnership with the Directors Fortnight in Cannes. “Rendez-Vous” experienced a successful run in several major international film festivals and I traveled the world with it – the Toronto Film Festival, Official selection of the Marrakech Film Festival, The African Diaspora film Festival in New York, Montreal Film Festival, FESPACO West Africa and the International Women Film Festival in Seoul, Milan to name a few.

All formats attract me; the commitment of documentaries, the intoxicating freedom of experimental films and music videos, the reality of corporate pieces, the exciting thrill of TV pilots and the cutting edgy aspect of creating content for the web. But what I love most is the challenge of delivering a message in 30 seconds. There is no greater fulfillment than the smile on a client’s face watching a completed commercial spot punctuated by “it’s approved”.  I love the creative process, the intensity and fast pace of the production.

I’ve just wrapped the shooting of my first feature length film “Creole Blues” (Le Bonheur d’Elza) and learning that perseverance is a virtue.

It’s a beautiful feeling to wake up in the morning and fly out of bed to do what I love.  I’m a long way away from when I used to, as a kid, spend all my free time with my aunt, the cashier of a movie theater in Guadeloupe.  I feel blessed.